Introducing Team ORO

The team that brought you OroCoin is launching our latest OroCoin marketing strategy…

Introducing TeamORO!

TeamORO is our new campaign to ensure continued success of the OroCoin project, generate new and continuously growing interest in OroCoin, and increase the value of ORO exponentially over time.

We are looking for new marketing team members worldwide to take part in this venture with us. You can earn BTC and ORO just by promoting OroCoin!

Our ideal team members have one or more of the following qualities:

- You’re an OroCoin or cryptocurrency enthusiast.

- You have sales or marketing experience (MLM experience is ok too!).

- You have friends or can meet new people who are curious about or interested in cryptocurrency.

To join TeamORO you can live ANYWHERE on earth! We are looking for people from the Americas to Europe to Africa to Asia and beyond. You can promote ORO on the internet, in-person, or both!

Your job as part of TeamORO will be to promote and sell OroCoin directly to others. These people can be friends, family, or people you meet at conferences, in meetings, seminars, and anywhere else. We will even coordinate marketing efforts directly with you to ensure success.

As part of TeamORO you will also have the opportunity to buy OroCoin at up to 75% discount from the price of ORO on exchanges at the time of purchase.

NOTE: There will be a price to join TeamORO. The price of joining depends on your qualifications, your goals, the discount percentage you desire, and other factors. Creating a price barrier to join ensures that we only allow people into TeamORO who are 100% serious about being successful with TeamORO.

Interested? Reach out to us at [email protected] if you want to join or need more information.